Welcome to the Barony of Rising Waters

baronbaronessrwWelcome from the Baron & Baroness

Greetings to those who read these words, from Baron Dmitri and Baroness Gema, Baron and Baroness of Rising Waters. We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our Baronial webpage. We hope that what you see here will compel you to come visit our fair lands – if you don’t already live within her bounteous borders.

 The SCA is the Middle Ages For All Ages.

Anyone is welcome to come to our events and our meetings to view what we do and to ask questions. Costumes are only necessary if you are attending one of our events, not a practice or meeting. Please join our Barony at the Fine Grind Cafe, 37 James St, St. Catharines for Coffee Night on Monday, March 9th.

  • Heavy Weapons (Fighting): The minimum age to participate is 16 years.
  • Archery: There is no age restriction, and there is loaner equipment for people to use.
  • Thrown Weapons (Axes and Knives): Children should have parental supervision; loaner equipment is available. Closed-toed shoes a must!
  • Dancing: There is no age restriction, and all you need are your own two feet!

Each and every member of our fair Barony is equally important to us, as are their wishes, ideas and suggestions. We will remain extremely approachable, and open to all who wish to talk with us. We were elected to lead the Barony, but it is the people who will guide us and the Barony of Rising Waters into a fun, eventful, and powerful place to be within the Kingdom.

We remain in Service to the Barony and the Dream,

Baron Dmitri and Baroness Gema