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The Barony of Rising Waters
A Message Regarding Covid-19

To all of our friends and family in the Barony of Rising Waters, I want to assure you that I have been taking every measure to make sure that as regulations change, so too do our plans within the barony. There has been much discussion about upcoming events and as Baroness of Rising Waters…

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New to the SCA?

There are so many exciting options open to people who are new to the SCA. If you are interested in history, likes to make things, doing things instead of just reading about them, likes to travel, and is willing to work a bit to help out, the SCA could be a great place for you

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DEI: Environmental Survey

As part of my mandate it is my intention to conduct an environmental scan using tools such as this survey to create tools and gauge success of any programs created.

The purpose of this survey is to develop a framework to support the improvement of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with in the Barony of Rising Waters and create a more supportive community.

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Rising Waters Seeks…

The Barony of Rising Waters is seeking applicants for the following positions:

  • Community Liaison
  • Minister of Children
  • Minister of Accessibility

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Our Newsletter


The Cataract is a quarterly newsletter published by and for the members of the Barony of Rising Waters

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Award Recommendations

Is there somebody out there that is doing something amazing, and you’d like them to be recognized for it? Make an Award Recommendation!

Award Recommendations