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About Her Excellency


The Baroness is the ceremonial head of the Barony, the King and Queen’s representative within the group, and the Barony’s representative to the other branches across the SCA.  Baroness Sciath is a lady from the late 13th century lowlands of Scotland, living near to the Firth of Clyde, with her Lord husband, Ieua ap Gwyllym and child Akazimi. Further details are available on the Ealdormere Wiki.

Champions of the Barony

Baronial champions represent the finest the Barony has to offer. Champions are charged to defend the honour of Her Excellency Rising Waters, the populace, and the Kingdom, whenever called upon to do so. During their tenure, champions are granted the right to wear and use the regalia of their position, and stand in Her Excellency’s Court.

Armoured Combat: Lord Iustus di Cordoba

Thrown Weapons: Lady Runa Sǫlveigardóttir

Arts and Sciences: TBD

Bardic Arts: TBD

Archery: TBD

Rapier Combat: TBD

Youth Champion: TBD

Baronial Progress

Her Excellency plans to attend these events and encourage the populace of Rising Waters to join her.

  • Sept. 27: Rising Waters Mega-Practice, St. Catharines
  • Oct. 5: Huntsman’s Harvest, Binbrook
  • Oct. 19: Rising Waters Mega-Practice, St. Catharines
  • Nov. 9: Feast of the Hare, 40th Anniversary, Ottawa
  • Nov. 22: Rising Waters Mega-Practice, St. Catharines
  • Dec.7: Wassail, Shakespeare
  • Dec. 15: Dessert Revel, Rising Waters


This year’s taxes to her Excellency is a story. This can be in the form of a period story from a medieval source, That could be bringing your personal banners to events, having your heraldic shield hang from the Hare Tree, or wearing some lovely heraldic garb. We look forward to seeing the Barony decked out in splendour!


Her Excellency’s Chamberlaine is Lady Jowan nyn Ranell (Joey Hillier)

You can contact her for any matters related to: largesse and gifts coordination, the baronial regalia, logistics in attending local, Kingdom and Society events for HE, court plans (no surprises in court, please!), or general questions related to Her Excellency’s tenure.

Head Lady-in-Waiting

Entourage for Their Excellencies is coordinated by Lady Runa Solveigarsdottir (Gillian Barclay)

She manages entourage volunteers and shifts scheduling. Your help and time is sincerely appreciated for in-barony and kingdom events and/or out of kingdom events. Please consider signing up for a short shift during your event day. No experience necessary!

There is also a desire to have “Youth Retinue” if younger members of the barony wish to participate. Speak with Runa for more information!

Court Herald

Lord Ieuan ap Gwylym (Stuart Crump) is Her Excellency’s appointed court herald. He is very open to help from any heralds at large in the Barony.

Food Preferences

Her Excellency has no food allergies but is mindful of what she eats. She particularly loves cheeses, rye and sourdough bread, cured meats, and raspberries. She does, occasionally, imbibe in fermented beverages at events, but appreciates the availability of unsweetened iced tea, and water. Her Excellency agrees with Baroness Avelyn of Skraeling Althing, and tea is, indeed, life.