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Fall 2018

Maryann Edger photo by Jennifer Thompson-Johnson The front cover is in honour of a member of our Barony,Viscountess Ivone la Doucette de Rouen. If you did not know her seek out someone who did. She was an amazing women who is sorely missed

Greeting from the Baron and Baroness

Greetings unto the Barony from Dmitri and Gema, Baron and Baroness

As the year ends and we celebrate with family and friends we reflect on those we have lost this year. We have added Joe’s name to the Scroll of Worthies, a small tribute to the huge impact he made on our Barony. While his home was in the Rhydderic h Hael, we believe part of his heart always remained in Rising Waters. We will miss him greatly. Just recently we lost another of our Barony. Ivone was a cornerstone to the Society. She was a part of many of our lives and her loss tears a hole in our hearts. Her smile could light up a room and her strict adherence to her passion of costuming made all of us look amazing. You will be missed.

Thank you to the members of the Barony for all your continued support. Without all of you there is no Barony, you are all what makes Rising Waters Great! We encourage you to become a member of the Society, your support at a society level allows us to remain a strong Baronial community. Please continue to send us your recommendations for awards, both at Baronial and Kingdom level.

We want to make sure that each of you are recognised for all the hard work you do. If you are unsure if someone has an award please check the Order of Precedence. Sciath has done an amazing job keeping it updated.

We look forward to a new year, filled with milestones and celebrations. Lady Mary in the spring and Baronial Birthday Bash in the fall. We hope to see many of you there, both old friends and new. Come celebrate with us!

In service

Dmitri and Gema

Greeting from the office of the seneschal

Greetings to the Barony of Rising Waters;

Welcome to the New Year! I look forward to the fantastic events being planned and the glorious excitement of a totally blank slate to write new journeys upon. If you have not given me your membership number and contact information, please do The New Year is a great time to renew your membership and make sure you get the member discount when you go to events near and far. Thank you to those who have gotten me their information, it has really been helpful.

I look forward to the New YEar and I hope all is well in your home. YIS

Annabelle Makmyllane


Greetings from the office of the Chatelaine

Good Greeting to you all;

It is so good to see you all this grand New Year. Please pencil into your schedules the Niagara Falls ComicCon as there will be a demo there for our Kingdom and there will be a need to have local folks help to fill the slots available to help recruit across the Kingdom. I hope to get more detail as they become available and I will post on the Rising Waters FB page with whatever I get to help you plan your day or days at the ComicCon.

Thank you so much for your willingness to help out. YIS

Annabelle Makmyllane

Greetings from the office of the Webminister

Greeting to all;

I hope your Holidays went well and that you are able to greet the New Year with your head held high. I am thankful for the good Bera Oddsdottir’s help on the website as she has really been working hard to make sure things are being kept up-to-date. That said, if you have anything that needs to be added or removed from the site, please contact us at thank you so much.


Annabelle Makmyllane

Greetings from the office of the Chronicler


Just a reminder that the deadline for the next issue is February 25th please send submissions to



Scroll by Mistress Nicolaa.
Scroll by Mistress Nicolaa.

A Letter to Mary Ann

Many years ago I bought this greeting card because I thought it was perfect for Mary Ann. It is a photo of a little white weasel playing in the snow. Mary Ann used to have a white ferret, named Bear I believe. And it reminded me of that cute little guy. It was also reminiscent of the ermine she has on her SCA device, an element we both share. It has long been my intention to send her this card when the time was right, perhaps when I knew she was feeling down, or I was missing

her more than usual. And this month, after I mailed out my Christmas cards, I found it again and thought I’m going to send that card to her this week!

I was going to include a nice long letter with it. I knew it was becoming harder and harder for her to talk on the phone, but she could still read. I truly regret that I didn’t get that letter mailed in time.


My Dearest Mary Ann,

I feel like I have been a terrible friend because I haven’t been able to visit you in so very long, so I thought I would take the time to write an old fashioned letter to you. You probably feel so cut off from your friends and family with that darned illness, and I figured I could at least bring my world to you, if not in person, then in the written word. Words that you can read over and over whenever you want.

(At this point I would have given her the update on my kids and family but I’ll spare you that much).

I do hope you know how very much I miss you. I miss our long talks over countless pots of coffee, or in my case – tea. I wonder now more and more, if you have ever realized how important and influential you have been in my life. It’s been over 33 years now I guess – I was around 20 years old when we first met. I was such a baby now when I look back. Just a year older than my daughter Jessica is now. Wow. Of course I had seen you and knew of you when I attended events in the Rhydderich Hael, but you were so bold, so glamorous and beautiful, and I felt really shy, awkward and frumpy around you and the other Henschels.

But when I started to come down to Plattsburgh to visit a certain airman, I stayed with you and Yoshina and quickly discovered that you were this incredibly warm and funny and giving lady. I’ll never forget that weekend when Yosh was away on training and you were missing him something fierce. During one of his phone calls home he had asked for a photo of you to keep with him. So, …we girls had a little photo session, boudouir style, and I took some Polaroid shots of you that I thought turned out pretty darned good for an amateur. It was so much fun – we laughed and giggled so much! We truly bonded that particular weekend. (And your husband was blown away by the photos when he got them from what I’ve heard!)

Throughout the years, as Michaels’ military career stationed him around the globe, I have been fortunate to be able to visit you at many of your homes, and came to know the truly unique and glorious person that you are.

I learned that you were the type of person who took in the Misfit Toys. And made us not feel like misfits any longer. You have this amazing gift of making everyone you draw in feel special and unique. Being in your company, especially one-onone, a person feels like they are the most important person in your life – that they are your “favourite”.

We all thought that. Some of us would even argue about it –

“I’m Ivone’s favourite! No I am!” (Right Howie? John?) When in reality I guess we are ALL your favourites. Fortunately for us, you have this huge heart with room enough for all. You love us for who we are, and

somehow, see something within each of us that not many others see. And… you make us feel special.

But, if we were lacking something, like food, finances or a place to hide for a while, you’d open your heart, your home, put on a big pot of stew and of course the coffee, give the clothes off your back if necessary, or offer your couch for as long as we needed it. Or sometimes, just when we needed it the most, you would make us something, like garb, or a piece of jewellry, or a doll, or a hat, or a beautiful scroll, something that you handcrafted yourself – giving us a piece of yourself to cherish always. You have also taught me so much, things like how to cook, how to sew, how to hold court, how to research, and even how to budget my finances. I watched you

with your little budget book, how you would erase the numbers and rework things when a financial issue came up. It seemed to make so much sense and to this day I still keep a handwritten budget book. My education also included you teaching me how to speak a smattering of German words when I visited you two in Germany. Words like ahnshuleegoon, and bitte and mitt brochen! And how to appreciate fine food!

I was already doing calligraphy when we met, but with your help and encouragement, I took up the paint brush and tried my hand at illumination. I remember that week in Germany, just before your step down as Crown Prince & Princess of Drachenvald when we stayed up all night to do like 8 or 10 scrolls at the last minute! You pushed me to tackle that Pelican scroll – the first peerage scroll I had ever attempted. Daunted I was but you, you believed in me and I did

it. Little did I know then where that would eventually lead me in the SCA. All because of you.

Of course, you haven’t always been easy to work with. At times you can be… well, downright infuriating. Admit it – when you know your mind, you know it! You and I have…. occasionally.. clashed. You’d call me on something that I didn’t want to hear and I’d bite my tongue so I wouldn’t say something I’d regret later but I’d shake my head in my chagrin. (You know how I hate confrontations) But you were never afraid of telling it like you saw it. Yeah, you were a little spitfire when you wanted to be. This dynamo of glorious energy that spun so fast, collecting everyone up in its wake.

But I have come to realize that you love that same quality in other people. You’d talk about any one of us like, “He’s such a little shit!” or “She’s being a pisspot” but finish it with a giggle and “but I love him/her anyway!” You accepted those things about people, those things that give people their fire, their passion. And you constantly encourage your friends to be themselves, to stoke their own fires

– to pursue those passions.

If I heard it once I heard you say it a hundred times: “I only say these things to you because I love you.” It would irk me to no end when you would say things like that. But now I realize that you were only trying to get me to strive for better, because you truly believed that I was capable of great things. You have always believed in me. Even when I did not believe in myself. Because you do love me. We may have butted heads, and I know you butted heads with many others too,

but you have always been just as quick to fight FOR us. If ever you found out one of your flock had been abused, dissed or hurt by someone, you were off like a Tasmanian devil to champion our cause!

And woe betide anyone who got in your way when you put your mind to something! I thought you were crazy at the time, but now I realize how much that meant to me, how much that still means to me.

As I look back over our decades of friendship, I count myself lucky indeed to have met and known you, to be part of your fold. Your love and encouragement and support in my darkest days, has meant more to me that I could ever express in mere words.

I know there are people who have met you that did not appreciate your sharp wit, your bold and blunt ways, or how you have tackled the world in your own special idiom. They did not see that the fire within you, while it could burn those who rub you the wrong way, it also shines like a warm and welcome beacon to those who are searching for something, or themselves. There are not many people like you, and I am so grateful that I, for one, have been able to bask in the glow of your firey love.

May your fire forever glow in the hearts of those who love you! Love always,

Jennifer (aka Genevieve)

Greetings to the Barony from Gema, Co-Autocrat of Crown Tournament

Congratulations to our new Prince and Princess Baldric and Brayla! Wassail!

An event does not run by itself. There are many hands who help. From the star I have had many people assisting me. First and foremost I want to thank Aibhilin for agreeing to be my co- autocrat. Your assistance on the event day was invaluable.

Thank you!

A special Thank you to Bara and Spana who took on the task of cleaning the carpets up. You both did an amazing job! Even the carpet owners were impressed. Thank you to everyone who assisted in event set up and tear down. There is so many of you that my list is incomplete, you are all amazing!

Thank you to House Okami who stepped in to make an amazing and unique lunch. It was fabulous that everything was made right there. The sweet potato hand roll was AMAZING!

Thank you to my Kitchen Militia. To the stewards, Annabelle and Sciath. Your feast was amazing. I heard wonderful things about all of the dishes! Your diligent crew who helped you, Alex, Rhrorik, Jo-Anne, Stuart, Evie and Elizabeth. (Sorry if I do not have your SCA names). Thank you to the Head server Aibhilin and her serving crew, Stuart, Rhrorik, Alex and Evie.

Much thanks to my event staff. Jo-Anne and her lovely Mother who took care of gate, Roz who took in reservations. Yvette for our Merchant Liaison and Rose our Royalty Liaison. Thank you

to our Bar staff, Suzi, Grimmer, Roz and Jo-Anne’s lovely Mother (I will get your name eventually).

Thank you to Dmitri and many at Meeting Madness for taking down and loading the carpets. Michael, Dmitri and Randall for offloading and setting up at the event. Dmitri and Richard for taking apart the carpets and loading them into the van again. Thank you to Chris, Jessica and their friend for helping put away the carpets. Thank you a million times over to Dar for being the carpet transport.

Most important I want to thank my family, Dmitri and Rhrorik for supporting me, helping me keep my sanity and for being there to assist in everything.