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Fall Coronation

 Come and Join us

17 September 2016

for the Coronation of

Siegfried Brandboern and Xristinia Viacheslavova
Sigfried and Xristinia

Barony of Rising Waters

New Hope Church

2360 First Street Louth

St. Catharine’s, ON

Site Opens at 9:00a and Closes at 10:00p

Site Fee:Adult$20.00
Adult Member Discount$15.00
Children under 5free
Children 6-18$5.00
Family Cap$40.00
Feast CostAdult$15.00
Children under 5free
Children 5-10$5.00
Children 10 – 14$10.00
Children 15-18$15.00

Check Web site and Facebook page often for latest information