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Investiture – Arts & Sciences

Baronial Investiture Arts and Sciences


2pm – 4pm Magistra Sciath is hosting a scriptorium, between 2pm to 4pm.

Come join us to discuss the scribal arts, gaze at beautiful source material, and try your hand at calligraphy.


1pm – 3pm A small bardic circle for those just starting out or those who do not yet feel ready for a full bardic.

Each person will have a chance to perform as they feel ready and may have constructive feedback or simple enjoyment of their offering …as they choose.

Largess Derby

With Investiture just around the corner, are you are you looking for a chance to stretch your A&S skills?

As everyone knows, we will very soon have a new Baroness in the Barony of Rising Waters! Wassail! Most of you have seen her smiling face and know how much she enjoys all areas of the SCA but is very dedicated to the area of A&S. And, it’s true that she has feast gear and camping gear. She has things to sit on, in, and under. But…

What she doesn’t have is… Largesse. 

That’s right, our soon to be Baroness is in need of Largesse, and that’s where you come in. We’re hosting a Dirty Dozen Donation Derby for our newest Baroness. What’s that, you say? What’s a DDDD? (Or a 4-D) Essentially, it’s a fun little ‘competition’ where we ask you, the Artisans, to craft 12 items of Largesse that will then be gifted to our very new Baroness that they might gift to deserving guests and nobles on our behalf while receiving guests, or visiting other places.  What it means for you is a chance to strut your A&S skills so that Baroness Sciath can in turn gift examples of the amazing talent of members near and far.

The Rules are simple:

  1. All entrants will create 12 items that are suitable for Largesse, those 12 things following a theme: 12 red things; 12 sewing kits; 12 pouches; 12 things made of metal; 12 things made on a Monday. You get the idea.  Not sure what might fit? We can help. There are groups you can join to get ideas, and we will be tossing out ideas ourselves between now and the date of delivery of said items to our Baroness. Still not sure?  Ask us.
  2. Items must be tagged and ready to gift the day of the competition. We want to be able to credit you for your beautiful handiwork and thoughtfulness!
  3. This is not an Arts & Sciences competition, so no documentation is necessary. Remember, this is for fun, and a chance to make the game more enjoyable for all. There will be no formal judging, only a chance to look at and appreciate everyone’s handiwork.
  4. Here’s where it gets interesting! As the brand new Baroness has just stepped up she will pick her favourite donation to receive a gift from the table of donated items.

Now, you might be wondering, where and when will this event take place? The Derby itself will be held at Investiture in Rising Water (St Catherines, ON, on September 14, 2019). You will have from now until then to craft your items. At the event, there will be table space provided to display your gifts and for all attendees to view and enjoy your talent.

That’s it, that’s all!

Questions? That’s what we’re here for

Thank You in advance for your consideration and participation. Let’s show the Knowne World what our Barony is all about!

Yours in Service,

Largess Makers:

Dirty Dozen Donation Derby:

Childrens’ Arts and Sciences Competition

We are asking all of our wolf cubs to enter something they created. There will be crafting supplies available at the event and numerous people to assist; whether it is cooking, felting, creating a song, creating heraldry, perhaps carving or weaving, there are many opportunities to create something the day of the event or bring something you have already made.

Adults make sure to vote so that some lucky wolf cub can be noticed in court for their work.


Merchants should contact our merchant liaison to book a table: Yvette de Sancler at

Here are some of the Merchants attending Investiture: