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Investiture – Tournament

Baronial Investiture Tournament

Armoured Combat Tournament

Armoured Combat will begin after morning court.

First Tournament: Best 2/3 Double Elemination. If there is time for a second tournament it will be a bear pit.


Fencing will start after morning court. Primary Authorizations pre arranged only. First tourney a double elimination, Best 2/3 bring your best tourney. If there’s time for a second tourney: it will be a bear pit.


1pm  – Yeomen of the Wolf Shoot
1:45 – Seasonal Shoot
2:30 – Defend the Barony Shoot

Thrown Weapons

SUCCESSION ~ a thrown weapons tourney at the Rising Waters Investiture September 14, sponsored by Harpy Hall.

Make your way from from peasant to Baroness or Baron by besting each level. The person to make it to the end with the least amount of weapons thrown is the winner.

Tournament starts at 2:00pm. Check in at the thrown range for other tourney times, we’ll try to do Royal Rounds and a Yeoman throw if possible.