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Coronation Tournaments


Martial tournaments to be run in the style of “Dame Eleanore’s Hunter Tournament” will occur on both the rapier and armoured list fields. Tourneys will run consecutively so that those who practice both forms can participate in both.

For each tournament, the combatant is encouraged to boast of their inspiration, preferably in a humorous manner, and/or make mention of the animal in the Hunter tourney they hope to be/slay/eat/capture.

The animals for the Hunter Tournament shall be in ascending order of nobility:

  • Wolf (we are all wolves here in Ealdormere),
  • Hare
  • Boar
  • Stag. The Stag is HRH Roak’s personal device. Clearly that is the most noble of all animals on this glorious day of His Coronation.

There will be a “Wild Stewart” animal that can be awarded to any participant who inspires with witty repartee or clever boasts. Stewart is Their Highnesses Reign animal, being part Ealdormerian wolf, part Trimarian aquatic, and proudly wearing the Trillium of Ealdormere.