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Lady Mary – Arts & Sciences

Lady Mary Memorial Tournament Arts and Sciences

Arts and Sciences Competition

The theme for Lady Mary this year is Spring, Renewal or New Beginnings, therefore our competition will be for items that you have made using techniques or whole art forms that are new to you within the last year.

We are looking forward to seeing your efforts into new pathways.

For further information please contact Lady Rohais at


Beginners Tablet Weaving

Class is cancelled due to illness – rescheduling to a later date

Learn how to make your own tablet woven straps or trim! This class is geared towards beginners, so we will be covering the basics along with some tips and tricks on some of the common pitfalls for those starting out.

Gear needed:
Loom (or backstrap setup)
Gear provided:
Instructional Handout

If you have your own Tablets/Shuttle/Loom you may bring and use those. If you do not have this equipment I can provide it for a small fee to cover the costs. For questions or to reserve your spot please contact

2 spots left as of Apr 14th

Teacher: Bera Oddsdottir
$5 for tablets & threads
$5 for basic loom
Class Size: 4
Time: 2:30pm
Class Length: 1.5hr

Newcomers Orientation

Newcomers: So you have decided to come to an event but you are worried you will do something embarrassing, have no fear! The Chatelaine is here to answer your questions, give you some basic information, and help you feel more confident. Come out and see us at the Lady Mary Memorial Tournament on May 11, 2019. We look forward to meeting you.

Teacher: Annabelle Makmyllane (Sabrina Perrin)
Time: 1pm


Merchants should contact our merchant liaison to book a table: Yvette de Sancler at

Here are some of the Merchants attending Lady Mary: