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Lady Mary – Great Lady Mary Hunt

Lady Mary – Great Lady Mary Hunt

Registration starts April 15th
Get your Teams together Now!

Signups for the Hunt will begin on April 15th, when teams of up to five can sign up to complete twenty magnificent tasks in celebration of the Lady Mary Memorial Tournament.

We have posted all 20 activities included in this year’s event, and any team member may enter items to complete each activity. To complete an activity, post your team’s entry in the Facebook Group thread directly below the item description and include your team name. As entries are submitted, we will track points (yes, there are points), with the glorious option of allocated bonus points for spectacular efforts. The winning team will be announced at the Lady Mary court on Saturday, May 8, 2021 at 6pm.

Item #ItemItem Description
1We Like Period Music, You Like Period Music
Record a performance of period music. This may be with voice or instrument. Post a recording of you performance or sent it: (link, video, etc) to
2Was, Ha! What is it Good For?
This year, we are done with missing targets and invite one and all to engage in siege warfare! How you might ask? Follow these simple steps to lay siege in your very own castle:

Step one – email to register your siege efforts
Build your very own siege weapon(s)
Using a stable surface (e.g. coffee table, kitchen table)
Set up your range – minimum distance   45 inches; maximum distance  55 inches
Ready the ammunition (marshmallows)
Siege weapon construction: 10 points                   
10 x Miniature marshmallow ammunition: 2 points for each basket (20 total)
10 x Regular-size marshmallow ammunition: 2 points for each basket (20 total)
Post a photo of your siege, and evidence (link, photo, score tracking, or video) of your score.
3Entertain Us
Style and genre of your choice, record an entertaining video to bring cheer to our community. This can include song, story, poetic recitation, instrumental, etc….Post a recording of your performance, or send it (link, video, etc….) to
4Let’s Get Physical
Record a work out montage video in armour (participants do not need to be authorized, or have fought in the SCA). Max. 2 minute video. Post a recording of your performance, or send it (link, video, etc….) to
Time to grab your quills and ink! To become familiar with our newest awards, your signet challenges you to create a scroll blank for each:
1. The Golden Lion
2. Red Pillar

There will be two divisions, a beginner and advanced category, your team can enter both into one category or one scroll per division. Post an image of your work!
6Armoured/Fencing TournamentsSend one teammate to participate in the Lady Mary Armoured Tournament and/or Fencing Tournament. Rules found HERE.
Post your Competitor and PREPARE FOR BATTLE!
The Lady Mary Memorial tournament has historically featured a prestige tournament, where competitors boast the qualities of their inspirations. Create your boast, record it in video, and proclaim it to the known world. Post a recording of your performance, or send it (link, video, etc….) to
8History of Rising WatersList the last five champions in a category of your choice. (Hint: These are listed on the Barony of Rising Waters Website). Post the list!
9Lady Mary Heraldry
Using your Google-Fu, locate the heraldry of Rising Waters first Baronial couple and then recreate either using items from your home.. Post a picture of your entry.
Record a video of a class….any class….in only 1 minute. Post a link or the video as your entry.
11Community Outreach
Rising waters likes to be active in the community
Please tell us about a charity that means a lot to your team and why.
12Take a Hike
Go to for a walk and pick up garbage. Points for creativity (and safety). Post a photo of your hike.
13Marketing 101
Create a mock medieval product and brand, and create a commercial for the medieval product.
Post a recording of your performance, or send it (link, video, etc….) to
14Blazon it!
Here’s a blazon – competitors must depict the blazon in any art format – closest one wins a prize.
“Per chevron engrailed Or and Azure, two sea-wolves combattant Gules and a goblet Or.”
Post your depiction of this badge.
15Personal Brand
Make something with your heraldry, either a mask, banner, shield, chestplate etc. Post a picture.
Write an award recommendation to your kingdom and/or local group. Post a screenshot (obscure any personal information)
17Youth Cooks
Help a youth (under 16) cook a medieval food item. Post the recipe and a picture of the item being enjoyed.
Write a letter as your persona to a family member or friend you have not seen since last year. Post the letter here!
19Medieval Re-Makes
Help a youth (under 16) create a medieval item from recycled materials. Post a picture of the finished item.
20Plague Remedies
Conduct some research and write about a medieval remedy for plague. Post your remedy here!