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Lady Mary – A History

Lady Mary – A History

Lady Mary Memorial TournamentA History

The Lady Mary Memorial Tournament is named after Lady Mary Campbell of Inverary, a Lady who was active in the early SCA Barony of Rising Waters. She passed away in 1984 and the Barony’s first major tournament was named after her. It is now a long-standing annual event hosted every May by the Barony of Rising Waters in the current Kingdom of Ealdormere. It is popular not only with Ealdormereans, but because of its long history and close proximity to Æthelmearc and the Midrealm there is generally a substantial foreign presence as well.

This event is notable as a being a Prestige Tourney: Combat is preceded by the formal procession of all combatants and their consorts. The combatants publicly declare whom they are fighting for and usually give a short speech on how what person inspires them. In the spirit of the tournament all combatants are encouraged to make a fine heraldic display and to fight in the most chivalrous possible manner.

The event has both fencing and heavy combat tournaments as well as archery and thrown weapons tournaments; participants of all four tournaments are welcome to participate in the procession. There is also a Youth Combat tournament.

Following the tournaments there is Court and Feast.