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Lady Mary Memorial Tournament

Barony of Rising Waters
Proudly Presents

Lady Mary Memorial Tournament

30 April 2022
Doors open 9am

New Hope Church
2360 First Street Louth
St. Catharines, ON


Register to Attend

Adult non-member $25, adult member $20
Youth 12-17 $10
Children under 12 are free


9 am Doors open
Tournament participants should aim to complete their inspections before the processional at noon.
10 am meeting for the Wains
11 am meeting for the Pelicans
12 pm morning court and processional
1 pm tournaments begin 
           – 1pm Fencing Tournament
           – 2pm Armoured Combat Tournament
           – 3pm Archery Tournament
           – 4pm Thrown Weapons Tournament
5 pm Afternoon court

Event Staff

Event Steward: Aibhilin kennari fra Skye (Leslie Falzone)

Heavy Weapons Marshal: Richard Larmer (Andrew Lowry)

Archery Marshal: Nika Dmitrieva doch’ Zvezdina (Susan Carroll-Clark)

Fencing Marshal: Albrecht Stampfer (David Stamper)

Event Registrar: Sciath ingen Chaennaig (Trudi Crumpwright)

Merchant Liaison: Annabelle Makmyllane (Sabrina Perrin)

Lady Mary Memorial Tournaments

Armoured Combat Tournament (MIC Sir Richard Larmer)

The Armour Combat Tournament at Lady Mary will be either a Round Robin or Double Elimination Tournament to determine an ultimate winner. The finals will be fought for a total of three rounds to determine the victor of the Day. This is a prestige tournament. Entrants should ensure that their armour, soft kit, shields, and weapons are in good repair and attractive as if one was entering Crown Tournament.

Fencing Tournament (MIC Maestro Albrecht Stampfer)

The main Lady Mary Tourney will be a double-elimination format. There may be an opportunity to do best 2 out of 3 for each bout, but that will be time-dependent. As for the Rising Waters Champion Tourney, this will be a Round Robin format, so everyone gets to fence everyone. Again, 2 out of threes are possible but time dependent.

Archery Tournament (MIC Magistra Nika Dmitrieva doch’ Zvezdina)

In honour of the theme of New Growth, the Lady Mary tourney itself will feature a variety of floral targets. We will also have a Yeomen of the Wolf shoot and probably a Society Seasonal shoot. Inspections for archery should be completed before processional, following the Order of the Pelican meeting. The archery tournaments will run 1:30pm, 2:15pm, and then 3pm for the Lady Mary Tournament shoot.

Thrown Weapons Tournament (MIC Lord Guoillauc filius Brancu)

While the populace of Ealdormere has been self-exiling for most of two years (for the good of the realm, of course!), some strange flowers have been sprouting in the unsown fields. Their blooms are unnaturally bright and cheerful… one might even say… toxic! The Baroness of Rising Waters needs a cunning and skillful Champion who can use axe and knife to weed out these unhealthy sprouts from a safe distance.

At 2 pm, we will set aside some time to try out the new Standard Royal Rounds competition. These scores will be submitted to the inter-kingdom database, allowing participants to compare scores across the Known Worlde. For more information, check out The highest scorer from Rising Waters will be named the new Baronial Thrown Weapons Champion!

At 3 pm, we will also be holding a Yeomen of the Wolf throwing competition. Bring your knives, axes, or both! For more information, contact Magistra Nika or check out the Ealdormere Archery and Missile Weapons Facebook group.

The 4 pm Lady Mary Thrown Weapons Tournament will allow 4 knife and/or axe throws per target, at each of 3 targets. Participants may attempt a ‘called shot’ on any/all of their throws by specifying which ‘bloom’ they are aiming at; on a hit, that score is doubled, while a miss subtracts its score from the thrower’s total – but there’s a way to avoid the penalty! The winner of this tournament will be declared the Lady Mary Memorial Thrown Weapons Tournament Winner!

More details will be available at the range. Please note that we will not have spear targets available at this event.

Arts & Sciences Activities

Mystery Box A&S Activity

Description: Pre-register for this fun (non-competitive) activity – join as a single participant, or as a group. Each participant (or group) will receive a box of items once they arrive at the event. Their goal is to use those items (and general tools that will be available to all participants) to create something. Participants do not need to use all of their materials and may trade with other participants. The objective is to improvise and have fun. We only have 10 boxes available, so be sure to register for this fun activity. Participants may register online:

Pre-Event Scavenger Hunt

Description: If you aren’t able to come to Lady Mary, we’ve got you covered. This pre-event activity will run from April 22 to April 29, ending just before our event date. Participants are not required to attend the on-site event on April 30 to participate in the Hunt. Teams may submit their response to each item in the FaceBook event page, or directly to Her Excellency, Sciath at The winning team will be announced in court at the Lady Mary Memorial Tournament!

Here are the items for this year’s Scavenger Hunt:

Item NameDescriptionValue
1. Spiffy GarbBlock print a piece of fabric or wrapping paper using vegetables. Make your own {Potato Stamps} for Potato printing on fabric – & some easy designs – Sew Guide40
2. Target PracticeDesign a target for either thrown weapons or archery for this year’s Lady Mary them – blooming joy! This item can be submitted multiple times!10
3. Entertain us!Use plain modern language to describe a period text (e.g. Beowulf, play by Shakespear, Chaucer’s works). Let us guess the original work!20
4. Let’s Get PhysicalRecord a workout montage video in armour (participants do not need to be authorized, or have fought in the SCA). Max. 2-minute video15
5. Illumination WorksCreate a scroll blank using illumination to celebrate Spring!30
6. Youth Armoured CombatArmoured Combat – play out combat with dolls/stuffies. Record it and share10
7. Youth Fencing CombatFencing Combat – play out a fencing duel with dolls/stuffies. Record it and share10
8. History of Lady Mary TournamentsList the last five champions in a Lady Mary Tournament – your choice!5
9. Blooming Joy!Make a wreath that reflects your expression of the theme for this year’s Lady Mary Memorial Tournament – Blooming joy!15
10. Handing Out KnowledgeCreate a handout for a class, whether you plan to teach it, or just want to share your DIY know-how and knowledge20
11. Community SupportRising Waters likes to be active in the community. Please tell us about a charity that means a lot to your team and how you support your community15
12. Take a HikeGo for a walk and pick up garbage. Points for creativity (and safety). Document your hike with a photo. This can also be recorded in your march for the Khan Begam!20
13. Marketing 101Create a mock medieval product and brand, and create a commercial for the medieval product50
14. That’s Pasta-mazing!Re-create your heraldry using pasta!10
15. Personal BrandMake something with your heraldry (examples: mask, banner, shield, chestplate, favour, etc.). Post a picture15
16. RecognitionWrite an award recommendation to your kingdom and/or local group. Post a screenshot (obscure any personal information)10
17. Lay on a FeastCharcuterie castle with meat moat. Or vegetarian alternative.15
18. Commemorating the DayThe Lady Mary Memorial Tournament is on April 30th this year, take a picture of an event or celebration from April 30th in the Medieval period (any culture, any faith).20
19. Capturing LightHelp a youth (under 16) create an edible stained glass window. Share a picture of the finished product20
20. Spring Gardens in BloomLet’s see a garden in your hair – or beard!20

Medieval Artifact Display

Ever wish you could examine actual historical artifacts but are unable to arrange a special visit to a museum? Now is your chance! Over the years I have collected items for my own personal research, and I want to share these treasures with others. I will be bringing a number of textile and printed items dating to the 16th and 17th centuries to Lady Mary. They include embroideries, tapestry pieces, and pages from herbals. Extra light and magnification will be provided to allow for up-close inspection, and photos are encouraged. Additionally, if you would like to join me, Mistress Medb, in sharing your own artifacts, contact the event stewards!