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Lady Mary Memorial Tournament

Lady Mary Memorial Tournament

Barony of Rising Waters
Proudly Presents

Lady Mary Memorial Tournament

Into the Woods

9 May 2020
Gate Opens: 9:00am

New Hope Church
2360 First Street Louth
St. Catharines, ON

Site Fee: Adult $20.00
  Adult Member Discount $15.00
  Children under 5   **minor attendance policy free
  Children 6-17   ** $5.00
  Family Cap $40.00
Lunch: tickets available at gate $5.00
Feast Cost: Adult (15 and up) $15.00
  Children under 5 free
  Children 5-10 $5.00
  Children 11-14 $10.00

** Minors in attendance must have a membership or a signed minor waver. They also must be accompanied by their legal guardian or a designated guardian with a variety of paperwork completed by their legal guardian. For complete details please see:

Minor Attendance Information
Minor Medical Authorization
Minor Waiver

PLEASE NOTE: Minor’s Parents/Guardians will also be required to sign an addition waiver from the Site at Gate as it is the Church’s policy.

Dogs will be allowed on site but not indoors, so please plan accordingly. Pet owners should keep dogs on a leash and clean up after them. Thank you.

Please ensure to bring Feast Gear for the Lunch Table as there will be no disposable gear provided. Thank you for helping us reduce waste.

Lady Mary 2018

Photos Courtesy Lady Bera & Rúna

Lady Mary 2017

Photos Courtesy: LostHemisphere