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Lady Mary Memorial Tournament

Barony of Rising Waters
Proudly Presents

Lady Mary Memorial Tournament

13 May 2023
Doors open 9am

New Hope Church
2360 First Street Louth
St. Catharines, ON



Adult non-member $25, adult member $20
Youth 12-17 $10
Children under 12 are free


9 am Doors open
Tournament participants should aim to complete their inspections before the processional at noon.
12 pm morning court and processional
1 pm tournaments begin 
           – 1pm Fencing Tournament
           – 2pm Armoured Combat Tournament
           – 3pm Archery Tournament
           – 4pm Thrown Weapons Tournament
5 pm Afternoon court (at the pleasure of Their Majesties)
6:30pm Feast

Event Staff

Event Stewards: Sciath ingen Chaennaig (Trudi Crumpwright) & Crespin le Fae (Gawan Reichheld)

Heavy Weapons Marshal: Iustus di Cordoba (Jay Farrar)

Archery Marshal: Nika Dmitrieva doch’ Zvezdina (Susan Carroll-Clark)

Fencing Marshal: Maestro Albrecht Stampfer (David Stamper) 

Thrown Weapons Marshal: TBC

Lunch Tavern: Valdr Jarnsmithr (Sam Falzon)

Merchant Liaison: Annabelle Makmyllane (Sabrina Perrin)

Silent Auction Coordinator: TBC

Lady Mary Memorial Tournaments

Armoured Combat Tournament (MIC Lord Iustus di Cordoba)

Fencing Tournament (MIC )

Archery Tournament (MIC Magistra Nika Dmitrieva doch’ Zvezdina)

Thrown Weapons Tournament (MIC )

Scholar’s Tournament

Artisans are invited to enter the Baronial Scholar’s Tournament by completing three tasks: 1. Bring a completed project (of any A&S discipline) for display, 2. Complete a project on the day of the event, and 3. Perform or Demonstrate.

  1. Bring a completed project – this should be a project that has not been presented in competition, but may be a project that has been displayed at a previous event. It should have been completed in the past year.
  2. Complete a project on the day of the event – Many of us have projects that languish in the ‘to be completed’ pile, and this is your chance to complete that one project that needs just a bit more work.
  3. Perform or demonstrate – This task may be combined with item 2 to demonstrate a skill or technique. Alternatively, you may enter the bardic competition (held during feast) with a song, instrumental, poetic recitation or story.

Silent Auction

We are pleased to bring back the much-enjoyed silent auction, including mystery boxes, crafted items, and experience packages! If you have items to donate, please let us know. The proceeds from the silent auction will go towards replacing the barony’s communal shelter for war events.

Bardic Competition

Two categories to win a prize: Non-Period Entries and Period Entries. The competition will take place during the evening’s feast.

Oak and Hammer Lunch Tavern

The Oak and Hammer Tavern Lunch Menu Proprietor: Samuel Oakes

Fare: Bread Vegetable soup, Cheese, Hard-boiled eggs, Pickled eggs, Dill pickle, Beet pickle, Bean Salad, Fresh Fruit (apples), Fresh Vegetables (carrots or cucumbers), Vegetable pies, Cheshire Pork pies, Cornish pies, Chicken and Ham pies, Pease Pudding, and Devonshire Honey Cake with Pears

Tavern Specials:

Ploughman’s Lunch – bread, cheese, egg (choice), pickle (choice), fruit/veg

Drover’s Lunch – pie (choice), cheese, egg (choice), pickle (choice), fruit/veg

Tradesman’s Lunch – bread, cheese, pork sausage, pease pudding, bowl of soup (sausage can be substituted with bean salad)

(Pricing to be determined)

Feast Menu

(To be confirmed)