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Lady Mary – Scribal Challenge

Lady Mary – Scribal Challenge

Lady Mary Scribal Challenge

Time to grab your quills and ink!

To become familiar with our newest awards, your signet challenges you to create a scroll blank for each, the Golden Lion and Red Pillar. There will be two divisions, a beginner and advanced category, your team can enter both into one category or one scroll per division.

To submit your entries, please send a colour photo of each scroll to by May 6th. In the email, please include which division you would like to compete for, the overall size of the scroll and any references you wish to include. Please also mail a copy of the scroll blanks to Baroness Sciath Ingen Chaennaig, her address will be provided once your email has been received at the signet inbox.

Golden Lion
Red Pillar

Scoring per scroll blank

5 points for the illuminated emblazon

6 points for having all the following criteria: the award badge, the size of the scroll, a signature line for the Baroness to sign, sufficient space for calligraphy, ½” – 1 ½” margins and a 2 ½” diameter seal area

Bonus 4 points if you include a source material to compare historical accuracy (beginner) OR Bonus 4 points if you are inspired by an artifact which is not a manuscript (advanced)

Total score: 40 points for the challenge