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Rising Waters Seeks…

The Barony of Rising Waters is seeking applicants to fill the following positions:

Seneschal full description
The facilitator and administrator of the Barony, and is the legal representative of the SCA at the local level.

Exchequer read job posting
Responsible for the financial affairs of the group.

Community Liason full description
Develop and strengthen relationshiops with the local community.

Minster of Children full description
Responsible for programming activities and to support engagement with children and youth in the Barony.

Minister of Accessibility full description
Responsible for working with the baronial committee and event stewards to ensure baronial activities and events include accessibility concerns.

Minister of Horse
Responsible for working with the populace to ensure transportation to meetings, gatherings and events for baronial members.

If you wish to apply please send an email application to both the Baronial Seneschal Baroness Gema Krasil’niKova and Baroness Sciath ingen Chaennaig If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.