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Spring Coronation – Menus

Feast Menu

Feast is limited so reserve your spot now.

THL Rosalind Pax of Castle Rising (Cheryl Hobley)

If you wish to replace meat courses with vegetarian options please notify our Feast Steward Baroness Aibhilin kennari fra Skye (Leslie Falzone)

Vegetarian option will be available for the main dishes: Lentil stew to replace the capons and egg tart to replace the pork. Please notify the Feast Steward if you would like to partake of the vegetarian option before April 11th

First Course

Bread V
(Water, flour, salt)

Sweet butter V

Vyaund leche V
soft cheese with parsley and honey
(milk, vinegar, parsley, honey)

Lange Wortes de Pesoun V
green peas and onions
(peas, onions, green herbs, oil, salt, pepper)

Capons Stewed
stewed chicken
(chicken, sage, hyssop, rosemary, thyme, wine, saffron)

Second Course

Salate V
(spring greens, oil, vinegar, herbs)

Pigge farced
stuffed roasted pork
(Pork, Eggs, Bread, Salt, Pepper, Saffron, Ginger)

Pikkyll V
onion pickle
(onion, oil, veggie broth (calls for beef) white wine, pepper, cinnamon, butter, mustard, ginger, salt)

Rys and lekys V
rice with leeks
(rice, leeks, salt, vegetable broth)

Third Course

Bryndons V
lozenges in fruit sauce
(wine, honey, pepper, saffron, cloves, mace and cubebs, dates, pinenut, currents, red wine vinegar, flour, sugar)

Flathons V
(milk, eggs, sugar, butter, flour, shortening, salt, citron)

Lunch Menu

Establishment: The Oak and Hammer Tavern
Proprietor: Samuel Oakes

NOTE: To reduce our amount of landfill waste, we will not be providing disposable plates, cups or cutlery at the tavern. Please remember to bring your own eating ware and utensils to the event. If you are bringing someone new to the event, don’t forget to pack for them as well.


$2.00Vegetable Soup
$1.00Hard-boiled eggs
$1.50Pickled eggs
$1.50Dill pickles
$1.00Fresh Fruit (apples)
$1.00Fresh Vegetables (carrots and cucumbers)
$5.00Vegetable pies (regular crust and gluten-free crust) (carrots, onions, mushrooms, leeks, chard, celery)
$5.00Cornish pies (regular crust and gluten-free crust) (beef, carrots, onions, turnip)
$3.00Devonshire Honey Cake with Pears


There will be beverages available throughout the day, including Beer, Cider, Pop, and Juice.

Please remember to bring your own drinking vessels.