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The College of Saint Antoninus

Welcome to the College of Saint Antoninus; an SCA educational group based in the Barony of Rising Waters.

The Seminars of Saint Antoninus

The Barony of Rising Waters and the College of Saint Antoninus will be hosting a virtual day of learning on Saturday November 14th 2020 in the Virtual Lands of Zoom.

There will be no cost to partipate in the Seminars.

Join us in the Seminars All Day Social Room – Court @ 12:30EST

Social Room & Court Zoom

Class Information and Registration now Available!

Class Descriptions Class Schedule Registration

See Class Description for Zoom Links

Event Staff

Event Steward: Rhys of Anglesey (Christian Bernard-Brewster)

Teacher Coordinator: Magestra Nicolaa de Bracton (Susan Carroll-Clark)

Scheduler: Baroness Aibhilin kennari fra Skye (Leslie Falzone)

Registrar: Baroness Sciath ingen Chaennaig (Trudi Crumpwright)

Tech Coordinator: Baroness Annabelle Makmyllane (Sabrina Perrin)

Event Web: Lady Bera Oddsdottir (Angie Gott)


Is garb required?

Dressing in garb is encouraged but not required.