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Virtual Barony

Rolling Back to Online Only (25 Sep 2020)

As Their Majesties announced in court, we have unfortunately been forced to roll back to Phase I of our reopening plan. This is based on the ever-increasing daily case count, which has now put our seven day rolling average over 250/day, and the Provincial government reducing allowable gathering sizes below our minimums.

This puts us all back to online gatherings only. It is unfortunate, but here we are. We all look forward to getting things back in hand so that we can progress back to Phase II and beyond. As always, the reopening plan can be found at

A Message from Their Royal Magesties (27 July 2020)

Greetings unto Our Most Resilient Kingdom of Ealdormere,

As many of you have now seen, the Board of Directors has approved a Resolution that suspends in-person events until January 31, 2021. While it pains Us to continue to be apart, We wholeheartedly support this Resolution. Always the health, safety and wellbeing of Our populace is paramount in Our decision making in these most difficult times. We know you all want to be able to gather together again. We too want this. We miss every one of you and look forward to raising a glass together in-person. But that time is still not quite here yet. While We are saddened that this plague has not yet released us all from its harsh grasp, We would not put Our populace at risk needlessly… 

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